News and Announcements

Site Announcement

December 19, 2005

Obviously the new site has been launched. Web Spun Designs has been given a face-lift and some additional features.

The new features include; control panel log in from the home page, easier navigation and a more pleasant updated look. In addition, the portfolio page now incorporates screen shots of the client pages.

Web Spun Designs will soon be offering single page business card sites starting at just $2.99 / mo. These pages will be branded under the name 'Media Flesh'. The Media Flesh name is just that, it's a branding name, not a partnership or a resalable item.

As always suggestions and comments are welcome

All this was made possible with the help of Jesse Gardner from Plasticmind Design.

Coming Soon

November 30, 2005

Web Spun Designs is currently undergoing a face lift along with some great new offers. Along with a totally new site Web Spun Designs will be offering single page business card sites for as low as $2.99 / mo. Check back frequently for details is launched

December 31, 2004

Web Spun Designs is proud to announce it's launch of ComdOt is a long overdue BLOG. There will be rants and reviews, technical documents and write-up's, along with whatever else comes to mind along the way. That is what a BLOG is, right?

New Mailing Address

July 1, 2004

As we grow things must change. As of July 1st the permanent mailing address for Web Spun Designs will be

Web Spun Designs
111 Gypsy Point Rd
Catskill NY 12414

Customized SPAM and Virus Filters

June 1, 2004

With unsolicited email becoming a huge problem for everyone we've found a way to help. Every hosting account includes customizable SPAM and virus filters. This allows you to decide what's considered junk mail and what's not. Also with virus filtering at the server, you'll be far less likely to download a virus via e-mail. To learn more about hosting services visit our automated hosting page today!.

A new way to buy hosting services

December 20, 2002

Web Spun Designs new automated sign-up allows you to manage your own account without contacting technical support. With Web Spun Designs, you’re in charge. You can add, modify, or delete such items as, e-mail address, DNS records and server aliases. You can also buy additional disk space as needed or turn on additional services, such as site search tools, database services and credit card processing tools.

Web Spun Designs also provide extensive statistical reporting with even the most basic accounts. You’ll always know who’s visiting your site, how they got there and how many times. You’ll be able to see what keywords were used in a web search resulting in a visit.

Whether you’re a large business looking for an edge or just getting started, with a personal web site, Web Spun Designs has a plan to fit your needs. All this plus more makes it fun and easy to host you web site with Web Spun Designs. Sign up today!

Some New Offers

January 2, 2002

At our customers request we will begin to offer some new pricing plans, affective immediately. Those pricing structures are as follows

1.) The annual plan. Pay for 12 months of hosting in advance, and receive the 13th month free.

2.) Multiple Domains. Any customer which hosts more than one domain with us will receive a 20% discount on hosting.

3.) Quarterly payments will also be accepted. I hope these new payment schemes will be convenient for some of you, and as always please share any ideas with us.

Web Spun Sponsor's Race Team

August 1, 2001

Web Spun Designs and JSW4.NET become proud sponsor's of the Robert Banks Jr. Race Team. Robert races IMCA modified's at Accord Speedway.

Web Spun Designs takes on a Partner

March 1, 2001

Great news. Web Spun Designs has entered into a strategic alliance with JSW4.NET in efforts to provide the most dependable, high bandwidth hosting facilities possible. Because Web Spun Designs is a design and development company we must rely on a third party for hosting facilities. After serious consideration we are proud to announce the selection of JSW4.NET as our hosting partner.

JSW4.NET was chosen based on it's years of experience in the hosting business and it's very prestigious facilities. As do we, JSW4.NET also focuses their efforts on one aspect of the Internet. That's providing the best hosting facilities possible, along with unsurpassed support for area web design companies. These reasons combined makes JSW4.NET the only sensible choice...