Web Spun Pricing

Package Deals:

In an effort to provide the client with the most unique web site possible, we like to work on an individual basis rather than try to sell you a cookie-cutter web site. Although all projects will be quoted as a whole, pre fabricated "Package Deals" are not specified.

These deals usually accompany sites that are created using pre-made, out of a box, templates. After determining your company's specific needs, we can provide you with the estimated cost for the creation of your site. Although all work is custom designed, we offer competitive pricing.

We feel this method gives the customer a choice, rather than forcing them to pay for something they don't need. At the same time we don't want the customer to miss out on a design element they can benefit from just because it didn't come with "The Package."

Our Take on Pre-Made Templates:

Pre-Made Templates are a tool used by many web design companies to mass produce web sites. Here at Web Spun Designs we feel that each site should be as unique as the last.

Templates use the "cookie cutter" approach, as they are designed to reproduce the same, or similar product, over and over. This leaves the customer with a site similar to many others that have not undergone any special care in the design, layout or creation.

Custom Graphics:

Along with custom design and layouts, our graphics are always created by hand. This is not always the case when templates are used in the design of a site. Many designers often incorporate pre-made backgrounds, buttons and graphics. This is not the case at Web Spun Designs.

Why Hourly Rates:

We feel that charging by the hour is the best way for our customers to get the most for their money. Pages take a varying amount of time to produce. It is much more cost effective for us to charge ONLY for the time we spend rather than a per page rate. And remember, initial consultation and setup is always FREE.

The Breakdown:

Web Design isn't something that comes from a box. Here at Web Spun Designs we assure you that it comes from creative individuals who have the training and knowledge to give you a web site your business can truly benefit from.

We recommend you contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve your business goals. To insure that you get the most for your money we suggest that you contact a Web Spun Designs representative to obtain accurate pricing information